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If you are hiring an architect, it almost always entails a big expense. The architect is supposed to design your home or office and give it the shape that will become its eventual identity. This is, of course, a job that demands a lot of meticulous care and attention. Also, it becomes important for you to find a reliable architect because you don’t want to land up with something that was not in your mind.

So, when you are trying to find a reliable architect, this is how you should go about it:-

  1. First and foremost, you should ask your friends and relatives, people you know, about the architects they have used. Asking around helps because then you get firsthand accounts on their work. You can also check out their work closely and get to know about any discrepancies in their manner of working.
  1. Check out the constructions that have been carried out in your neighborhood. It is very difficult to assess an architect by the way they talk but if you see something that really appeals to you, then you could find out from the town building department who the architect of that particular building was and then get in touch with them.
  1. Plan on having an initial appointment with the architect. During this meeting, tell them what you envision about the task. See closely how much attention they are paying to your vision. If they are participative about it and if they are giving some of their own ideas that you like, these are the people you should shortlist.
  1. When you like a particular architect, it is a good idea to check the BBB to find out if they have had any complaints levied against them. Three things that you need to look at are (i) whether they stuck to their deadlines (ii) whether they completed their assignments within the specified cost estimates and (iii) whether they maintained safe practices while carrying out their tasks.
  1. Before chalking out any contract, it is important that the architect must visit the site. They should check out things for themselves and make suggestions because there could be things that you have missed out on. Only this will help them give you a more authentic estimate of the time and the cost that the job will require. At the same time, their dedication in checking out the site beforehand shows that they are really well-meaning about the job and aren’t trying to get just another client.

Most importantly, see what vibes you get from the architect you are planning on. The architect needs to work very closely with you in order to give you a great place to live in or work in, and hence the camaraderie between you and them becomes a vital component for the success of the job.

Singapore Architects

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Design is one of the most important elements to be able to convey beauty. In terms of buildings, you don’t only need an interior designer, you should start with architect.

As an architect, all the things that you need to know about construction and design will come from your school. But for those who dream to become architect but who do not yet have formal training and are interested in taking a course, here are the things that you need to know.

You can start by getting the advice of a guidance counselor from your school. You will need to excel in certain subjects before you can enroll at a college which offers architecture program. These subjects that you have to be good at are mathematics and science. These are the foundations of architecture. But then, you need to be good at your other subjects as well as you will need to have a high grade point average before a school will admit you.

Before you finish high school, you can already contact colleges about their program for architect. You can make use of this opportunity to be able to choose the best possible school to have. There are accrediting bodies and licensing boards who are tasked to make sure that a school adheres to the standards. You should see this as a gauge in choosing your school. If a school is accredited, you will have more guarantee that you will get better education than if it is not.

There are bachelor degree programs and there are also masters programs that can be taken after you have finished a bachelors’ degree from another field. The five year bachelor’s degree in architecture will only require 2 years of masters’ education. The setting can be different in your locality so it is also important that you have knowledge about this area.

You can send your application to not just one school. You need to apply to several so you also have a lot of chances and at the same time a lot of choices. Your application should be impressive so that you have a higher chance of getting in the school.

While at school, you should try to learn as much as you can and try to excel.

Too become good in your field, you can work at your free time or during semester breaks at architectural firms. This is so that you can learn new things and practical things that you will not be able to learn in the confines of your classroom. This should be a motivation for you to work. As future architect, you need not focus on the salary that you get for now, you need to focus on your future by starting to do good now.

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